Threatened Abortion: The Continuation

I suggest you read all my daldals here first.
Here’s the part 2. 

I was glad na nasa dulo yung bed ko. Hindi daanan, and may sturdy surface na pwedeng kapitan si husbandry since mas nagmumukha nanaman syang pasyente. 

We waited for another hour before the OB attended us. She did a procedure na hindi ko maalala tawag, sorry, and was confirmed na I had spotting, I had bleeding, pero hindi active. Meaning, nag stop na. Good sign daw yon. I was kinda relieved. 

After 30 minutes more, my CBC and Urinalysis results came out – NORMAL. Nakakaloka. So the OB told me na most probable source of bleeding is the implantation of the fertilized egg. It happens to prepare the uterus for the pregnancy. Para syang nag se-self cleaning, to get rid of the wastes, para hindi makuha ni baby. 

Nalito ang AnaPhysio stocked at stacked knowledge ko. I asked kung hindi ba late na ang implantation bleeding kasi August 8 pa ang LMP ko, and I was almost 7 weeks preggers na. 

Medyo madugo, malungkot and scary yung sagot. I’ll try to write again about it, next time. 

Basta ang discharge diagnosis ko was THREATENED ABORTION. Huwag madumi ang isip. Abortion happens when the fetus inside the mother’s womb dies during the first trimester. Naging masama na lang sya dahil sa gawa ng iba. 

I was advised bed rest. I did not argue with the doctor. Duphaston 3x a day. Folic Acid and Multivitamins should be continued. Check. 

My prayer warriors have activated themselves. Thank you! 

To our baby dinosaur, relax lang anak, ha. Kapit lang, beh.

Threatened Abortion (Part 4 of 11)

You know I’ve been wanting for this pregnancy to happen, right? Imagine my, no, our terror last September 25, when I found out I had vaginal spotting. 

I woke up feeling lighter and better that day. Since I have been in (and never out of flu since the day I found out I was preggers), I was happy. I took advantage of the semi-wellness that I was feeling. After cooking breakfast, Enzo and I reviewed her lessons and did her homeworks. We also did some fixing and decluttering. Then I cooked lunch! Yep, my love-hate relationship with the scent of hot cooking oil kinda subsided that day. Rodriguez Family had shrimp tempura! 

It was my nephew’s birthday that day (and Tita Eva, ofcourse!). We have a scheduled family dinner to celebrate that, and my FIL’s birthday last 23rd. At around 1:30, I was about to take a bath because I thought I can grab some nap before mass then the dinner. 

Then there was it. My undies had blood spots. Lots of it. I was horrified. I wanted to cry and shout but I have to gather my thoughts first. After few deep breaths and tears, I went out of the bathroom and calmly told my husband (verbatim): “Daddy, pagkaligo ko, maligo ka na din, dalhin mo akong ospital. Nag spotting ako.”

Walang trace ng kahit na ano. In no time, husband’s done! I asked my SIL to accompany my daughter to the 3PM children’s mass, and then we’ll try to meet them for dinner. TRY. 

I was very honest with Enzo. I told her why her dad and I were going to the hospital. She was very understanding. As usual.

Luck was on our side, kasi we did not encounter any red light on our way to the hospital. The usual travel time from Pateros to SLMC GC is 30-45 minutes. It only took us 15 minutes that day.

Sa ER, ang damiiiiiiiing pasyente! For the lack of better term, may ‘konting’ saya na ang daming patron ng St Luke’s. Ang mahal-mahal ng services nila, ha! And seeing a numerous patients, maraming Pinoy pa din ang ‘can afford’. PLEASE DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I know that’s nowhere near sa dami din ng patients sa government hospitals. Yun lang.

Going back, after 1.5 hours of waiting patiently, a physician appeared with a nurse and a wheelchair, asked me to come with them so I can lie down for all the examinations. The doctor was making ‘sermon’ the nurse that they should’ve asked me to lie down kanina pa kasi dapat naisip na nilang possible abortion, blahblahblah. Husband and I kept exchanging glances. Poor nurse, the doc should’ve done that when I was already away. 

Urinalysis and CBC were ordered. The OB was ruling out UTI. Yun na daw yung mildest or safest infection na pwedeng mag cause ng spotting / bleeding, aside sa implantation bleeding. I was starting to like her, dahil sa ganung explanation.

Pagpasok ko ng examination room…
To be continued…

MISCARRIAGE: A Tragic Eviction (Part 1 of 11)

It was September 12 when our long wait was over! Our four years of waiting for a baby number 2 ended! Yep! My home pregnancy tests showed positive results, and I did 4! Hehe. 

My first ultrasound happened in September 15. My then OB confirmed the presence of gestational and yolk sac, but no heartbeat yet. I was 6 weeks on the way, based on my last menstrual period. Ultrasonic age is less than 5 weeks. Ultrasonic age = baby’s age based on ultrasound. She asked me to come back a week after. 

September 22. 

Ultrasound still didn’t show a heartbeat, but both the yolk and gestational sac were growing and developing. Ultrasonic age was at 6 weeks. started getting nervous. 
ANEMBRYONIC GESTATION and BLIGHTED OVUM kept running on my mind. What are those, anyway? It is a situation wherein the egg and sperm cell met, but never developed, will never develop and will end eventually. Kapraning, no? 

September 25. 

I had vaginal spotting. Husband rushed me to SLMC GC ER. Blood and diagnostic tests showed negative results, bleeding was passive. Was told that spotting could be implantaion bleeding. Diagnosed with threatened abortion. I was sent home, placed on a complete bed rest and progesterone, lots of it. I was scheduled to do a follow up check up with Dra. Jing Fernandez of SLMC GC CARMI. 

September 27. 
My ultrasound showed no difference. Growing gestational and yolk sac, no embryo, no heartbeat. Ultrasonic age remained at 6 weeks. My OB already semi-prepared me to just wait for the pregnancy to end, naturally. At the same time, we both waited for one more week. We’re still positive of the viablity of the egg inside my womb. 
October 5. 

Finally! My ultrasound showed a FETAL POLE! There already was a heartbeat! My baby’s heartbeat registered 76 beats per minute, normal is 100 (for the age). We were diagnosed with FETAL BRADYCARDIA. Bradycardia = very low heartbeat. My bed rest was extended, the progesterone, increased. 

October 8. 

I had a scary heavy bleeding. I was again rushed to the ER. Dra Jing ordered that I be transferred to the High Risk Pregnancy Unit for close monitoring. My bleeding was already active. Ultrasound showed a nerve wracking result – fetal heartbeat dropped to 70 beats per minute, subchorionic hemorrhage was noted. My uterine tissues were starting to detach, but my baby was still struggling to live. My body was already saying no, but my baby says otherwise. My progesterone , folic, multivitamins, and ascorbic were tripled. I was placed on a CBR no BRP, complete bed rest with no bathroom privilege. 
My bleeding did not stop. I was bargaining with the Lord, hard. There were a lot of tears and prayers. 

October 11. 

I started feeling pain both on my lower back and abdomen. I refused to move or even flinch. I already knew what the pain means. My uterus was moving to expel whatever’s inside me. I cried harder, and prayed hardest. At 11:30, I had it. I had the mass out. Dra Jing asked me to place it in a specimen bottle with 70% isoprophyl.

October 12. 

Wala na. My ultrasound showed a clean uterus, closed cervix. Completed abortion. 
I was pregnant for a month. Had 6 transvaginal ultrasound. In between, I also had flu. I had conjunctivitis. I had cough. I had colds. I had tooth abscess. I was very immunocompromised. 

There. Sakit. 😥

Pregnancy Confirmation (Part 3 of 11)

September 12 .
My home pregnancy test results showed a clear two lines – POSITIVE! I cried. A lot. Inside the restroom (ng bahay). I kept everything to myself. Not a single soul found out about the excitement I had. I stopped all my vices, especially smoking. I had to quit coffee, softdrinks, and staying up late at night. I was amazed kasi I had no difficulty doing it.

September 13-15.
Because I am makulit, I had to do daily pregnancy tests! Hehe. Lahat naman clear ang pagkaka-positive.

September 15.
I went to a local OB Gyne clinic for a consult and transvaginal ultrasound. OB is affiliated with TMC. No heartbeat was detected yet, but a gestational and yolk sac was found. Yiheeeeee! I was asked to come back after a week. I already called my mama. But since she wasn’t too happy with the result, she suggested (fine, insisted) that I go back to my ‘real’ OB, Dra. JT Lee. I did not, but looked for another OB affiliated in OLLH, instead. The reason as to why I didn’t go back to her deserves another post. 

September 17.
Husband and I went to OLLH under the care of Dra Datu. I had Hepa-B screening, urinalysis, and another ultrasound. All were negative, so as the ultrasound – no heartbeat, still. I was again asked to go back after a week for pregnancy viability. 

Then I had flu. My cough would alternate from super dry to super productive. My nasal passages were so congested that I can barely recognize my own voice. Eh, I wasn’t allowed to take / drink any medicine, so I had to endure AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL the pains. I resorted to warm water-ginger-lemon-honey drink, Fontana Juice extracts (which was recommended by my OB), fruits, saline gargle, chicken soup and water. I was still reporting to work, then. 

September 22.

Morning. Enzo complained of very itchy eyes. Her eyes weren’t pink, but the discharge was more than the usual. I got scared that she might be having sore eyes. Since I was on leave that day, I also brought her to an EENT. Why not Optha? Kasi I was hoping for an allergic reaction only, kasi hindi naman ‘sandy-itchy’ yung eyes, yung parang may sand. Basta itchy daw. Tsaka I had to have my cough and colds checked din. 

So ayon, I was only given a saline spray for my congestion. Ituloy konlang daw yung mga ginagawa ko na. The steam method, minus any oil. 

Enzo was diagnosed with early onset conjunctivitis. Buti daw naagapan. Because of that, hindi kami pupwedeng magtabi sa bed, I can not be infected with sore eyes. So I slept on the floor sa sala (kasi wala kaming sofa bed or whatev, manipis na matress lang). 

My ultrasound showed no signs of ‘life’, still. There still was no heartbeat. ANEMBRYONIC GESTATION / BLIGHTED OVUM kept popping on my mind. I’ll discuss more, about that.

September 24.

I was slowly recovering from flu when I woke up one morning, with eyes I can barely open, blood shot, and super painful. Shet. I have sore eyes. I was rushed to the ER. 
The more tragic part of my journey started after this event. Till my next post.