About Me

A wife to a very workaholic Civil Engineer. A mother to a very smart kiddo. A sister to two super cool younger siblings. A daughter to a very good cook, Nutritionist, Dietitian. A friend to some.

I speak what’s on my mind. I laugh like there is no tomorrow. I love funny videos. I am generally a happy person.

I am also a cry baby. I cry over the pettiest and silliest videos. I easily tear up.

I love to cook because I love to eat.

I’d rather have a street-smart, wise friend who can not memorize a paragraph but knows what to do in case of emergency than someone who can memorize a book but goes hungry when he / she loses his / her wallet.

I am a very transparent person. I smile when happy, frown when sad.

I blog to express what I feel, what i think, what i see.

Read my posts, leave a comment, talk to me, approach me, judge me, criticize me.


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