Threatened Abortion (Part 9 of 11)

October 9
I was awakened with a deep pain on my third molar (wisdom tooth). It was excruciating. The pain was throbbing on my left ear, and head. I sent Doc Jing an SMS, and paracetamol lang ang pina-go niya (as if hindi ko pa alam ma yun lang ang pain reliever na pwede). She was suspecting that due to my hormonal imbalances / changes, kaya nagkaganun yung tooth. If dentist prescribes an antibiotic, make sire it is either Amoxicillin or Cefalexin only. Nabasa na din ni doc yung isip ni Dr. Medrano, my dentist. If the dentist decides to extract the tooth daw, let her know first, so I can obtain a clearance.
I didn’t get to eat the whole day, and my face got so swollen, too.
October 10
Yep, I have an abscessed tooth. Surprise! Dahil nga sa hormones. Dr. Joy Medrano (the daughter-in-law, the wife of my husband’s friend JV Medrano), was very happy when she found out. I met her four years ago, and she knows very well then that we all want to have another child. Kasi pati si Enzo yun na yung nga wish. 
So she prescribed Cefalexin and Paracetamol. 
That night, I had another breakdown. My tooth was aching bad, I was hungry, and I was unstable. It was almost midnight. I just went out of the room and cried so hard. I do not understand how can a baby survive inside of me when I can not provide the nutrients he needs. I wanted to eat badly, but any flinch would cause a lot of pain. Sobrang hirap. I was already having an LBM because I only eat yoghurt and papaya. Again, I slept crying. 


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