Threatened Abortion (Part 7 of 11) 

October 8.
Our day started early. At around 9AM, I just finished taking a bath, when blood flowed down my legs (1. Yep, laging nangyayari kapag nakaligo / paligo na ako, 2. Yup, parang sa pelikula). 
I cried / shouted / panicked. Tita Eva brought Enzo to my inlaws’ house, while husband freaked out. I immediately lied down, husband took a micro-second long bath, while Tita Eva helped me dress up. I was in contact with Dra. Fernandez on our way to the hospital. We were in SLMC GC in no time. 
After few minutes, I was immediately wheeled to the OB Complex at the second floor. I was staring at the lights on the ceiling and counted them to calm myself. I counted 89. I didnot allow Niño to come with me, enough na ngang ako lang ang pasyente. Nakakahilo pala ang gumalaw ng nakahiga tapos sasakay ng elevator tapos may pahinto-hinto! Pramis.
At the OB complex, I was brought in to the admission room. I was asked if I have a companion, so wala akong choice but to ask Niño to come with me. Di ko na maalala yung name ng attending physician ko there. Everything was a blur. 
When Niño arrived, he was the one who told me that I will be brought to the Women’s Health Center for an ultrasound. I gripped Niño’s hand, and started crying again. 
My ultrasound results showed that my little one was still there. Heartbeat dropped to 70 beats per minute (from 76). Subchorionic hemorrhage was getting worse. 
I was wheeled back to the OB complex, pero sa High Risk Pregnancy Unit na. Nakakakaba, promise!
I discussed the possibilities with my OB. Again, dun sya sa good pregnancy. I asked the possibility of having a ‘special child’ when the time comes due to all the infection and the complications of my pregnancy, early on. I already knew the answer. I know Doc Jing will not vouch for anything. The Congenital Anomaly Scan can be done on my fifth month (if we progress) pa. 
So we had to make a decision. That’s for my next post. Naiiyak nanaman ako, eh! 😔


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