Threatened Abortion (Part 6 of 11)

October 5.
I had a follow up check-up with Dra. Fernandez. I, again, had to undergo ultrasound. My hopes were so high. I arrived at SLMC GC Women’s Health Center at 1PMish. I was third on the line for ultrasound. 

My sonologist was Dra. Sandee Go. She’s a lot nicer than my previous sonologist. She was very reassuring. There’s calmness in her touch. Her voice was soothing. Para syang angel. Lalo na nu’ng in-announce niya na, na may fetal pole na! Aaaaaaaaaand, MAY HEARTBEAT NA YUNG BABY KOOOOOO!!!! 

Parang naka cue, my tears started falling down my cheeks. Very mahinahong yehey lang yata nasabi ko. Then Doc Sandee told me that my baby’s heartbeat was low for the age. Baby only gave us 76 beats per minute, normal is 100. Subchorionic hemmorhage was also noted – the surrounding uterine tissues of my baby were already detaching and preparing to be expelled. But hello, little pea was there! Nagpasikat pa nga with the heartbeat!

Dra. Fernandez was so amazed of my baby’s will to live. Baby was diagnosed with PHYSIOLOGIC FETAL BRADYCARDIA. I can not imagine how happy I was that very moment. I can not count the times I cried. 

I wanted to tell the world that the baby inside of me is a fighter. I wanted to inform everyone, ASAP. But I had to hold on. Akin na lang muna, amin na lang muna. My childhood bestfriend was so happy for me, bakit waley pa daw FB post! Hehe. Sabi ko, lemme protect my little warrior muna, kasi not everyone will understand what I am going through. 



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