Threatened Abortion (Part 5 of 11) 

September 27.
I had a follow up check up with Dra. Fernandez. She wanted to make sure my sore eyes and flu have been resolved. Husband was with me.
My consecutive ultrasound results showed ONLY gestational sac and yolk sac, no embryo, no heartbeat. My last menstrual period was on August 8, so this day should mark my 7th week of pregnancy. 
Sabi sa, a 7th weeker should already have these characteristics. In my case, nada, none, wit, wiz, wah, nothing, wala, waley. 
My ultrasound also only shows a 5 weeker sac. 
Sabi sa Maternal amd Child Nursing ko dati, may condition na tinatawag na ANEMBRYONIC GESTATION and BLIGHTED OVUM. 
In a normal pregnancy, an egg cell is penetrated by a sperm cell, and after 72 hours, it already starts to divide and grow, and implanted in the uterus, and then grows into a wonderful human being.
In anembryonic gestation and blighted ovum, the egg is penetrated by a sperm, and gets implanted into the uterus. It missed the process of dividing and growing. Atatchina lang, ganon. But since it was implanted in the uterus, the body will recognize it as pregnancy. All the pregnancy signs and symptoms will manifest. 
Some anembryonic gestation becomes lucky, because the ovum develops, and (as my OB calls it), becomes a good pregnancy, which accounts a very small percentage. In majority of cases, the body will recognize the ‘abnormal growth’ happening inside the womb, and as a natural defense, will be expelled naturally, that some women won’t even find out they were pregnant. 
That could have been easy, no? If I wasn’t aware. Pero no, eh. I already knew that I was pregnant. I was already expecting, tapos wala naman pala, ang sakit. So I was hoping and praying for a miracle. I asked for a heartbeat. 
This day, Dra. Fernandez explained all of these to me. I don’t remember saying anything, I was crying all the time. Parang I have not cried that hard for a long time. Pero it was a silent cry, lam mo yun. Both my OB and I were both hoping for a miracle. We agreed to wait for one more week, for pregnancy viability. 
Grabe my emotions. As in I can not explain. I was sad, and scared, and hopeful. My husband knows that I hate being touched kapag malungkot ako, but today is different. I cried for 30 full minutes sa shoulders niya. Non-stop. Walang salita. 
Unlike other preggers, hindi ako maka-enjoy. 


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