Threatened Abortion (Part 11 of 11)

October 12
We went back to SLMC GC for an ultrasound, and to submit the mass for histopathology.
My ultrasound looked like my pre-pregnancy ultrasound. Uterus was thin, everything was normal. Except sa scar nu’ng mass that came out the night before. It was concluded that I had a complete abortion.
Abortion because I lost the baby during the first trimester. It was complete, meaning, no residue was seen inside my uterus, and cervix was closed. Having said that, I need not undergo D&C (dilataion and curretage, raspa, ebribadi). 
I guess it was my little pea working na. My angel does not want mommy any more pain and suffering, kaya no more raspa. 
As expected, I cried tons inside Doc Jing’s clinic again. I have never been that sad, after Papa’s death, I swear. 


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