Threatened Abortion (Part 10 of 11)

October 11
It was Enzo’s exams week. I still got the chance to guide her and do some mock tests while on bed. At around 6PM, I started feeling uncomfortable (as if my entire ordeal was comfortable). 
I was having faint lower abdomen and back pain. I had spotting. I got really nervous. I was like having a labor na may bloody show na. I forced to have a light dinner, and ‘over’ hydrated myself. At 7:30, my bleeding was non-stop. Pain escalated to 7/10. Textmates kami ni OB, the whole time.
Doc Jing called me at around 10PM, when the pain was at 9/10. Over the phone, kino-condition niya ako, NA BAKA ETO NA YON. Na baka eto na yung dinidread namin na mangyari. Sabi nya, iiyak ko na lang, and ipray, worrying and getting nervous won’t do any help, tataas lang bp ko. She advised me to don on a thicker sanitary pad, and stay in bed. Eh I ‘over’ hydrated myself, maya’t maya ang wiwi. 
Ang dami-dami kong naiiyak. As in ang dami-dami. Pagod na pagod ang tearducts ko. At 11:00, husband arrived. I asked him to drop by a drugstore and buy me a specimen bottle. Just IN CASE.
At exactly 11:10, with a painscale of 18/10, yes, that painful, a mass came out while I was peeing. I had to scoop the mass so I can place it inside the specimen bottle.
Ang sakit. Ang laki-laki ng gastos sa gamot, lahat ng vitamins and prenatal care, no matter what the cost is, sinunod ko, namin, tapos in an instant, nasa twelve pesos specimen bottle na lang siya? I could not stand staring at the mass. It was just too painful. 
Dra. Fernandez called and gave me her instructions. For the nth time, we slept emotionally tired. 


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