Threatened Abortion: The Continuation

I suggest you read all my daldals here first.
Here’s the part 2. 

I was glad na nasa dulo yung bed ko. Hindi daanan, and may sturdy surface na pwedeng kapitan si husbandry since mas nagmumukha nanaman syang pasyente. 

We waited for another hour before the OB attended us. She did a procedure na hindi ko maalala tawag, sorry, and was confirmed na I had spotting, I had bleeding, pero hindi active. Meaning, nag stop na. Good sign daw yon. I was kinda relieved. 

After 30 minutes more, my CBC and Urinalysis results came out – NORMAL. Nakakaloka. So the OB told me na most probable source of bleeding is the implantation of the fertilized egg. It happens to prepare the uterus for the pregnancy. Para syang nag se-self cleaning, to get rid of the wastes, para hindi makuha ni baby. 

Nalito ang AnaPhysio stocked at stacked knowledge ko. I asked kung hindi ba late na ang implantation bleeding kasi August 8 pa ang LMP ko, and I was almost 7 weeks preggers na. 

Medyo madugo, malungkot and scary yung sagot. I’ll try to write again about it, next time. 

Basta ang discharge diagnosis ko was THREATENED ABORTION. Huwag madumi ang isip. Abortion happens when the fetus inside the mother’s womb dies during the first trimester. Naging masama na lang sya dahil sa gawa ng iba. 

I was advised bed rest. I did not argue with the doctor. Duphaston 3x a day. Folic Acid and Multivitamins should be continued. Check. 

My prayer warriors have activated themselves. Thank you! 

To our baby dinosaur, relax lang anak, ha. Kapit lang, beh.


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