Have a Life. Your Own.

To say that I was once a clingy-insecure-stubborn and a handful kind of wife is an understatement. 

In the early days of my marriage with Niño, I want all our weekends together. I want him to tag me along with his lakad (though he can not, and he did not), or else, I’ll fuss and won’t talk to him. I’ll interogate him about his companions and will go praning if he misses one person, esp a girl. I hated his overtimes, much more his out of town trips. I felt ugly. Undesirable. Fat (hanggang ngayon naman! Haha). 

It resulted to cold treatments. Our longest streak of not talking is 3 days. Niño is and was very patient with me. I know he was growing tired of trying to understand me and making me understand and reassuring me that all my issues are plain non-sense. 

Good job to you, husbandry, you patience paid off. Hehe. Nakakapagod kasi magalit ng ako lang yung galit. Nakaka-consume ng energy. Instead of consuming my energy fighting, mag lovemaking na lang kami! Seriously.

It was a long and tedious process. There were hits and misses. Trial and error. We’ve only been married for 6.5 years, but I’ve learned a loooooot.

If single people will ask for an advice, it is to make sure you have your own life outside of your marriage. Do not let your life wander and go around your husband and marriage alone. 

I am not saying na maging walwal or pakawala. Go out with friends, spend me time once in a while, enjoy. Why is it important? Because before you are even able to appreciate your married life, you have to make sure you are and you have appreciated your own. You gotta love yourself first, in order to love. You are you. You are still an individual. 

Want a proof? As of writing, husband is in SM MOA Arena watching WWE (yes, the wrestling thingy that I still despise), and me? Just finished my 1 hour Swedish massage in Nuat Thai. 

Pag-uwi, he’ll be very excited to share his experience, so am I. Ayon. 😊


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