August 17

Since Friday, August 12, my daughter’s been in and out of fever. At one point, she’s afebrile, then out of the blue, she’ll reach a sky high 39.9′ fever, even after our trip to the emergency room.

My tepid sponge bath skills have been put into test a lot of times. We’ve been monitoring her temperature, taking it down, consuming a lot of cooling patches, round the clock paracetamol, bottle after bottle of oral rehydrating solution, liters of water, and a lot of half baths. We even cleaned her hair while she was on bed – salon style! I decided not to report to work today, August 16, so I can focus on her, and that’s what is right, and that’s what I want.

Sometimes I just want to freak out and give up. I feel so frustrated and worried and shitty. Unsolicited pieces of advice don’t help, either. I’ve heard horrible comments like, “Alagang alaga na, nagkakasakit pa!”, “Masyado na kasi kayong busy, nagpapapansin lang yan!”, “Nurse na nga nanay, nagkakasakit pa!”, “Baka napapabayaan.” INSERT SARCASM WITH THEIR EVERY BREATH.

Like, seriously?! Yung anak nga ng doctor nagkakasakit, anak ng abogado nakukulong, ang karpintero walang sariling bahay! Alam mo yung mapapa-punyeta ka na lang talaga?

Husband tells me to just ignore them, pero parang for once, gusto ko pumatol. Isa lang, isa lang talaga. Tapos deadma na ako sa kanila forever.

So ngayon, sige, deadma muna ako sa inyo. My priority is for my daughter to get well the soonest, my husband to not panic, because he’s such a worry freak when it comes to our daughter, third is my work (Boss and I have a lot of projects and deadlines, I swear!), saka na kayo.

Dear Lord, please embrace my daughter with your caring embrace to take away all the pain, her fever, cough and colds. 

Mama Mary, please envelope Enzo with your blanket of protection so her condition won’t persist anymore.

To her guardian angel, please continue to help our prayers reach the heavens. 


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