August 13

We brought Enzo to the ER today. Dapat kahapon pa, nag half day na nga ako eh! Kaso biglang buhos ang ulan. Buti na lang her condition improved yesterday afternoon. Ang daming stranded na pasahero! Husband left the office at 11:30PM. Pasay to Pateros took him 5 hours! Grabedad!

So yun. Our attending physician was Dra. De Belen, walang kinalaman kay Janice. Hehe.

Chief complaint was vomiting, fever, cough, colds and tummy ache. I could have easily diagnose it with flu or viral infection, but the tummy ache worried me. It could be an early sign of Dengue, eh.

Kahit puyat ang husbandry, I dragged him to the hospital. It is an SOP for us na St Luke’s Medical Center kami kapag extreme emergency. It’s more accessible, and trust me, the services are faster.

We arrived at 11:05AM. At 11:10, Dra. DB has already seen us, and has started giving out her orders. When husband heard through the PA that a MedTech is needed at the Pedia ER, he went out. That deserves another post. By 11:30, the orders were already being carried out – CBC with Platelet count, Dengue specific test, chest xray, and urinalysis. It’s Enzo’s first time to undergo blood extraction kaya naman ang iyak, grabe! Makirot naman talaga. Pero yung mga prick, tsaka vaccines, wala eh, deadma na sya don.

The nurse informed us that the results will be out after 2 hours, max. I was putting Enzo to sleep so she can rest when Dra DB went back, at 12:55 and told us that the results are out. Sabi ko kay Doc, I’ll ask my husband to come back first, okay daw. Negative sa urinalysis, normal WBC, platelet count is 348k (range is 150-400k), normal hemoglobin and hematocrit count, so as the stubs. Xray showed no significant findings, lungs are intact, heart is not enlarged. Dengue – NEGATIVE! Napa yehey kaming tatlo! Nu’ng sinabihan si Enzo na she can go home na, bumangin ang bagets, at nagsapatos mag-isa! Haha!

No antibiotics were pescribed. No signs of bacterial infection eh. Puro pallative lang. Colds and cough medicines, nasal spray, oral rehydration agent, lotsa rest. Ayon. The tummy ache’s because of the coughing, kasi normal ang movements ng tummy, per auscultation – manual and mechanical. Viral infection lang, self-limiting, walang gamot.

We were discharged at 1:45PM. Yep, 2.5 hours lang kami sa ER. I appreciate yung ganung kabilis na process (not the results, ha), yung naasikaso agad.

Why? Kasi, kids are more prone na mahawa. The longer a person stays sa hospital, the higher the chances na mahawa siya. Nosocomial infection tawag don, yung sakit na nakuha mo sa hospital. Also, kids tend to be crankier kapag masama na pakiramdam, ang dami pang stressors.

SLMC GC may charge a little higher, compared to TMC or Cardinal, pero it’s worth it, for us, ha. Kanya-kanya yan.

So ayon, as I finish this, daughter’s soundly sleeping.

Last bite: the PCOO of SLMC GC is the son of Teacher Lily, Enzo’s preschool directress! La lang.


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