Enzo’s Eye Check Up

When the school year was about to start, we noticed my daughter’s frequent eye blinking. We had the same scenario last year. We brought her to Dra. Roque, a Pedia Ophtha in SLMC GC and was diagnosed with dry eyes, a reaction to allergy.

Before deciding to have Enzo checked again, we made sure that it wasn’t just a mannerism ar an adverse effect of watching TV, since she’s no longer fond of playing gadgets, thanks goodness. We’ve got a 55″ in our sala and a 21″ inside the bedroom. We limited her tv time and only allowed her to watch two of her favorite cartoons, but to no avail.

I called Dra. Roque’s clinic and was informed that she no longer holds weekend appointments. Since Enzo hates being absent, to the point that she cried while arguing with us that she does not want to go to the clinic on a weekday, I have to look for another eye doctor.

My search brought me to Asian Eye Institute, and Dr. Norman Fajardo. Did a little ‘background investigation’, of him, and found a lot of positive reviews from forums and blog sites. He is highly recommended as one of the best Pedia Ophtha by moms, too. Great! I was supposed to book for an appointment in their Ortigas clinic last July 2, but changed my mind because it was Pasig Day. Traffic will be very heavy, and opted to have her eye check-up in their Rockwell, Makati branch.

Our appointment was at 9:45AM. We arrived at 9:30AM and was immediately accommodated. Ang saya. Kahit ang daming patients, as in puno ang waiting area. After filling out tons of paperworks (patient’s a minor, that’s why), we were called in. I was a little surprised at first because a female doctor assessed Enzo. She did a lot of tests, I was expecting for a male Pedia. After a while, the female doctor asked us to follow her so she can endorse us to Dr. Fajardo. Yun naman pala. He wasn’t at his room yet when we arrived, but I already let Enzo sit at the center chair to be relaxed.

When he arrived, he got this super big smile and gave me a firm, warm handshake. Pogi points! I saw Enzo smile, too. My daughter gets stress when a Pedia ain’t warm and ungentle (yes, she hates a specific Pedia who once checked her). Dr. Fajardo asked how is she, and she answered with gusto.
Alam na alam ni dic ang kiliti ng kids, which reminded me of our seasoned Pedia, Lolo Doctor Gonzales. When Dr. Fajardo found out that she’s 6 years old, para ma silang tropa because his daughter is at the same age. The additional screenings were no fuzz, the question and answer was a breeze.
I believe he’s able to obtain all the answers he need, without too much of my intervention. Very good sakin yon kasi hindi naman ako ang pasyente. Having to answer for Enzo sometimes defeats the purpose of providing subjective answers. I only answered when I was asked.
Doctor even showed Enzo a picture of the eye anatomy and explained everything to her in a way a six year old would understand. Ask Enzo of what she learned, she can tell you.
My daughter even learned something new from him. That if she wants to know more, do not be shy to ask from others, esp the elderly. Bigla kasing nahiya si bagets nu’ng tinanong siya ni doc for questions. So nagtanong ang bagets. They talked like friends!
The consultation lasted for 45 minutes. The diagnosis? Only Child Syndrome daw. Haha. I’ll write more about it next time. Dry eyes pa din. He recommended an eye drop, which he and the pharmacist reassured there’s no overdose. He also asked us to come back for a follow up check a month after.
As of writing, Enzo’s frequent blinking has stopped. She’s also able to ask her teacher everyday to administer the eye drops after recess and lunch. No missed doses.
So if you’re looking for a kiddie friendly eye doctor, go for Dr. Norman Fajardo of the Asian Eye Institute. Consulation Fee is Php 1500. Maybe a little expensive, but it is all so worth it.


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