The Annoying Contest Called MOTHERHOOD

When I was pregnant with Enzo, I only relied, believed and listened to my OB, my mama, my Nursing knowledge and (hohoho). I had a fair share of hits and misses.

Fast forward to a six year old momma, I wonder why motherhood now has become a contest.

Mothers now compete if who’s pregnancy photoshoot is better and more creative. Mothers seldom engage themselves in healthy discussions over forums when they talk about the most natural and healthiest food they give their kids. “I breastfed all my kids, I still do! Oh, you didn’t you’re not?”, all of our bottles are BPA free from abroad, my child’s crib is made of this, her walker is made of that. “Oh, you just enrolled your kid? You want them to be exposed? I’m homeschooling mine!”. My child reads the Bible, your kid doesn’t? “Oh, we brought our kids to Disneyland, to the beach, Universal Studios, to the mall, to the moon and back, you even been there? No? Why? Your kid will like it there!” Oh! I am a SAHM / WAHM, I’ve more time for my kids!

I can list a lot more ‘contests’ that some mothers are into, nowadays. But hey, I am guilty!
I am guilty of being envious sometimes. I envy those who can bring their kids anywhere they want, anytime. But I can’t. We’ve our priorities.

I am guilty of wishing I’ve also done a pregnancy photoshoot. But I didn’t. I wasn’t even allowed to stay out my bed for more than 30 minutes!

I am guilty of wishing I can just stay at home and look after my daughter. But I also love my job, my career, and everything about it!

I am guilty of getting pissed everytime I see mothers in these contests.

There are a lot more stuff in a mother’s head than to stress out on how to win over this motherhood contest.

Motherhood is a lifelong journey. There’ll come a time wherein we’ll realize that we could’ve taken this journey lighter, and just seized every single day. Less stress, more fun!
To each his own pa din eh. If some prefer to raise their kids that way, let’s just let them. Basta ako, steady lang. Chill. Relaxed. 😊


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