Ibigay ang Hilig, Baka Magligalig

Ang cute ni Enzo dyan, no? She was around two yata, during her cousin, Pattie’s birthday. Na-e-emo ako looking at the photo. Super baby pa niya. Yan yung mga moments na kayang-kaya ko pa siya kargahin, and ipanghele kahit mabigat na siya. Yan yung days na bulol na bulol pa siya, that I need to exert extra effort to grasp what she really means.


Fast forward to today, ang laki-laki na ng anak ko! She now stands four feet, two inches. One foot away from my height! She expresses herself well now. Minsan sya na yung nagpapaliwanag sa akin ng mga ganap sa buhay. She makes friends by herself. She lets go of my hand pagdating sa gate ng school. I can ask her to tell her teacher somethings. Iba na. She has her own sense of fashion. Kaya kahit di ko feel ang Sunday dress at rubber shoes niya, go na lang. Ibigay ang hilog, baka magligalig. Ang bilis na.


So mothers, enjoy every moment with your kids. Cuddle, kiss, hold hands, tickle and laugh with them. Shet naiiyak ako! Hahaha. Let them know that you love them. Play with them. Seize all the day! After all, that’s what they would remember.


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