Home Made Chicken Tocino

Even before classes started, Enzo was already begging me to allow her to have tocino for lunch. Tocino’s one of the sinful food that she eats. She’s not too fond of hotdogs. Spam, yes. I allow her to eat those, para alam niya lang. So she won’t feel bad sa kwentuhan. Hindi din naman madalas.

So we made an agreement. On her first week, I’ll send her vegetables for lunch. Condition is, if she finishes all her veggies for the week, I’ll allow her to have tocino, still with veggies, ofcourse. Agreed. She stayed true to her promise, nakakatuwa. Sabi ng Tita Eva, minsan mas nauubos pa yung vegetable.

Like last week, she had meatballs (with lots of carrots inside) and boiled squash. Mas naubos pa yung squash! Then, fish fingers and boiled sayote. Sa-id din the sayote. Very good. Puro boiled lang, kasi baka maspoil kapag may timpla. Oh well I season it with very little dash of salt naman.

Last Friday, I finally gave in. Pinabaunan ko ng tocino, cut into very tiny pieces, and boiled carrots. Aba! Naubos pareho! Plus the rice! I also sent her 2 different kinds of cookies, four pieces each, naubos! Nakakatuwa! Sulit ang gising at bangon ko ng 4AM!
Then, eureka moment! I decided to make my own version of tocino. No salitre. Pwede ko pa i-customize according to her liking.
So here’s my recipe:


Chicken thigh fillet, pierce with fork

Pineapple juice, sweetened

Brown sugar

Soy sauce

Fish sauce



How to prepare: 
In a pan, mix all ingredients over very low fire, stirring constantly until thick. Cool. Once it is already room temperature, mix with chicken fillet. Freeze.
I took a portion and added minced garlic and chili powder. It also tastes good!
The photo doesn’t look like tocino, but my daughter said it is the best chicken tocino, ever!

Oha! Oha!
Next stop, home-made longganiza naman! 🙂


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