Three Days After

Akala ko enough na yung two days leave ko to accompany my daughter sa school. Akala ko makaka-cope na kami. But not this morning. 

Third day of class pa lang niya. I had to wake up at goodness 4 o’clock gracious in the morning kasi Thursday is husband’s MANCOM and EXCOM day. I woke up at 4, prepared Enzo’s breakfast, had my coffee ritual, then tried to wake her up. It was quarter to five. Ayaw pa daw. Sabi ko pwede pa, may 15 minutes pa siya. I prepared her lunch na. 

At 5, I woke my husband up. Tapos si Enzo. Biglang umiyak! Sleepy pa daw sya, at ayaw mag school! Sleep daw muna! Nyemas. Last school tear, absent din siya on her 3rd day, same reasons. Our drama lasted for 30 minutes. We were running late. Paubos na din agad yung pasensya ko.

I brought her out of bed, don on her baby oil, and gave her a bath. She did not stop crying while eyes shut. Nakapikit! I decided to take a bath with her, baka kumalma. Ayaw talaga. Naiinis na talaga ako. Pero I have to really control. 

Then I reminded her, that Daddy has been planning of another beach trip kapag pasok sya sa top, regardless of her ranking. That’ll happen if she goes to school early, everyday, behaves well both in school and at home, and studies well. Medyo effective. Nagmulat ng mata! Tapos parang may switch that turns on and off, nagbago ang mood! Biglang sumigla, bumilis kumilos, and at 6:10AM, we were already on the road! 

Umabot talaga hanggang baby bangs ko ang stress level! Kumbaga sa Marikina river, nasa critical point na eh! Hay nako, Zonia!


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