No Bake Fruit Cake

If you’re expecting for a fruitcake like the one our parents or aunts use to give us on Christmas, well, this recipe is not for you. Nyahaha. I only invented the ‘title’ of the recipe.
This is good for those who find it hard to feed their kids (or even adults) fruits.
Let’s start!
Crushed graham crackers


Cinnamon powder

Nestle cream

Condensed milk


Clear gelatin powder


Pandan syrup

Apple, diced

Papaya, diced

Ripe Mango, diced

Peaches, diced
Prepare the crust:

Melt butter in a non-stick pan.

Add crushed graham

Season with a dash of cinnamon powder

Continuously mix until graham is lumpy

In a container, pour the graham mixture, and flatten it. It’s up to you if how thick you want your crust to be.

Let it air cool.
In the same pan, caramelize the sugar and apple over super low heat. Stir once in a while.
In a bowl, thoroughly mix the Nestle cream, condensed milk, and the rest of the fruits. Don’t worry if you crush the fruits.
Once the apple is done, mix it with the cream mixture. Let it cool inside the fridge.
Cook the gulaman. I used the powder type. I dissolved it in 120ml of water, then placed it over low fire and brought it to boil. I added 2 drops of pandan syrup.
Pour about half a cup of (depends on your container) the gulaman mixture over the crust to seal it.
Pour the fruits mixture over, and pour some more gulaman.
That ‘expedites’ the forming process of your cake.
Let it air cool. Then refrigerate. Enjoy!


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