Late Post: Last Saturday

Since taghirap na ang freezer namin nu’ng Saturday, dahil nu’ng May 28 pa kami last nag grocery, liempo and beef tapa na lang ang residente don. Hehe.

Bilang Saturday, close na close kami ng pantulog ko, at ayaw naming maghiwalay, hindi ako makalabas ng bahay para bumili ng sangkap. Pero hindi pwedeng magutom ang pamilya ko, kaya piniga ko ang creative juices sa utak ko.

I pierced the meat using a fork and marinated it with Knorr liquid seasoning for an hour, left it in the fridge. Cooked the tapa the usual way. Deep fried liempo until it’s lechon kawali crispy. Sauted some garlic, white and red onion. Tossed the liempo and tapa. Added a cup of water and let it simmered for 5 minutes. I added some green peas, button and shitake mushrooms and half a cup of oyster sauce. Simmered for 3 more minutes, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Done! 

Notice that I did not mix it. Fine, I did mix it, but only the sauce, not the meat. I wanted to preserve the crispiness of the liempo. Why didn’t I just prepared the sauce separately? I wanted the meat to absorb the sauce eh. Ayon.

Takaw kanin nga pala to. 😂


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