June 14, 2016: Part Two

I have been doing everything I can and sees to it that the results are flawless when it comes to Enzo’s school matters because I do not want to give my husband a single reason to show that my decision to stay with my employer is very wrong. 
When the issue of school bus service came out, I started calling out those who were referred by the school. When I was about to close a deal with one them, they backed out. Great! 
I sought my father-in-law’s help. He started sourcing as well. Then one of the tryk drivers in our area offered his services. We offered to shoulder the expenses of renewing his Pasig franchise so he can exclusively bring and pick my daughter from school. Deal closed! Regie, the driver, went to Pasig City Hall last June 9. Lo and behold! Yellow plated tricycles are not allowed to cross Pasig. Back to zero, and Enzo’s class starts on the 14th. With 5 days left, we formulated a plan. That is to bring Enzo to school with my husband as the driver, and she’ll be picked up by her Mama Eva in the afternoon, my FIL as the driver naman. That means we’ll be using 2 different cars, will have to spend a few bucks more for diesel. FIL runs an LPG store, so he also has to ask one of my aunt-in-law to take over while he’s gone.
We, three, need to wake up at 4:30AM to prepare so I won’t be late for office. 
Ang hassle. Ang daming maabala. Hindi din practical. Ang cute lang tignan na naka-kotse ang grade 1 papasok and pauwi ng school. Makakadagdag lang sa traffic ng Pasig. 
So husband and FIL had a bright idea. Bumili na lang daw kami ng sarili namin motor, pagawaan ng sidecar, ipadrive kay Regie, and as SY passes, kumuha ng iba pang pwede i-service. Why not, I thought. Atleast makakabawas sa stress yung thought na naghihintay na yung service, baka ma-late ibang bata, or kapag pauwi na, hindi pa makaalis kasi may hinihintay pa. Atleast eto, solong-solo. I said yes to the 2 gentlemen.
Husband was supposed to buy a motorcycle last June 11, but due to unforeseenable circumstance, di niya nagawa. June 12, Independence Day, when he was finally able to go to KServico. At around 2PM, the motorcycle was home! Para lang syang bumili ng gatas sa kanto. Mas mahal na gatas, for that matter.
The sidecar is already being built, and we’re just waiting for the papers to be released. It’s June 15 as of writing, second day of school. Hopefully, next week, maayos na. 🙂


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