Bisteeeek! Another Late Post

Red meat lover ako, especially beef. Any beef dish, patok saken yan. Pero I very seldom cook kasi hindi naman mahilig sa beef yung mag-ama ko. Kapag nilaga, soup and vegetable lang si Enzo. Kapag caldereta, ganun din. Sayang. 

Since leave ako last Friday, I marinated the beef in our freezer nu’ng Thursday night. Soy sauce, pineapple juice, crushed garlic, a dash of salt and pepper lang. Pang Bistek Tagalog.

The following day, I just sauted lots of garlic, red onion, and the beef. Nu’ng nagbrown na ng color, I poured the marinate. I added little water and let it simmered for almost an hour. When the meat was already tender, I added calamansi juice. I cooked half a kilo of beef, and used 30 pieces of calamansi. 

I let it simmer some more, topped with white onion rings, let the onion sweat a little and voila! Ang sarap ng baka! 


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