Thou Shall Not be Friends

Sabi namin ng dati kong officemate na si Ai, HRD shouldn’t make friends with employees, kasi there’ll come a time na magkakaroon ng conflict of interests lalo kapag gumawa ng katarantaduhan, kabulastugan, kagaguhan yung empleyado / kaibigan namin. Pero hindi maiiwasan eh. May mabubuo talagang friendship. 

This ain’t new. We’ve several officemates na chummy chummy namin na na-dismiss because of violations. I tell you, not petty violations, ha! Major. Deeds that really merit dismissal and termination. 

Si Dhoi. Si Louie. Si Joeby. Si Randy. Si Luis. Marami pa.

One of the most unforgettable, yung boyfriend ng kasama namin sa HR. 

May mga cases din na graceful exit na lang para moot and academic yung case. Kaso minsan, hindi pwedeng payagan na ganun na lang. 

Sabi nga ng boss ko, hindi naman yung friendship namin ang magpapapakain sakin kapag ako hindi nagtrabaho. Hindi din yung friendship namin ang sasagot kay San Pedro. 
Ano bang issue ko? 

I currently have an ongoing case of theft. The suspect? One of my closest friends. Close, as in my husband knows him. My sister has met him. Close as in he checks me out every chance he gets, and I can vent out on him. Close as in we eat lunch together kapag Monday. Close as in I can make lambing kapag may gusto akong food. Close as in alam ko ang kwento ng buhay nya. Close as in we talk over the phone for an hour para magtatantaduhan. Close as in household name sya. Close as in close.

Tapos yun nga. Nagnakaw ang potaena. Hayup na yon. The moment I saw him inside the conference room being interrogated by the security people, naawa pa ako eh. Pero nu’ng naturn over na sa akin yung mga dokumento for processing the same day, nagalit na ako. As in asar na asar ako sa kanya. Kasi sinasabi ko naman sa kanyang galit ako sa mga violators. Kasi violators make the workplace an unhappy one. Tapos nabasa ko yung reasons niya, potaena talaga! Bull! Then he has to be brought to the police, I had to prepare the SPA (Special Power of Attorney), for the lawyers to notarize. Nakakaiyak na ewan eh. 

I was mad. I was hurt. I was disappointed. I was sad. 

Investigation is almost done. I had to desensitize myself by rereading his documents. All of it. 

Sayang the friendship? Ofcourse. But I have to do my job. 



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