Creamy Left-Over Cold Cuts Pasta

Isn’t is frustrating to see a fridge with a lot of left overs? The other night, I saw hotdogs and tocino. I wanted fried rice sana, kaso baka hindi umabot pang lunch the following day. Parang light bulb moment ulit, I thought of pasta. 

This recipe is very easy. The ingredients can be found in most kitchens, too! 
Here are the ingredients: 

Left-over hotdogs, slice diagonally

Left-over tocino, strips


Three cheese pasta sauce


Laughing cow cheese

Chilli flakes

Black olives


Cooking oil

Spaghetti pasta, cooked according to package instructions



Garlic powder
1. Heat pan, add butter, onion, tocino and hotdogs

2. Mix the pasta sauce, simmerin low fire

3. In a separate bowl, mix chizwiz, laughing cow chiz, little salt, pepper, garlic powder and little water, mix well.

4. Toss pasta in pasta sauce, mix the cheese mixture

5. Mix until pasta is well covered.

6. Top with chilli flakes and black olives before serving



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