A Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed

An officemate lost his father to ESRD, End Stage Renal Disease last Saturday. As a Filipino practice, an envelope was routed to all employees as a form of solicitation, to aid the family’s financial needs. When the envelope was returned to HRD, I became kinda sad because we weren’t able to raise that much. I know that any amount will do, but I hoped for more. 
When Papa died in 2009, 85% of my officemates were construction workers, mostly minimum earners. There were around 700 of them. When my then boyfriend, now my husband’s boss handed me their envelope, there was a cash amounting to 12,000 pesos. Yes, they were able to raise that much! Sir Santi was even apologetic, yun lang daw nakayanan nila. I was very humbled. They say thanking those who bereave with the family is a no-no, but I just couldn’t help. 
It didn’t end there. I think there were 25 of them, including Sir Santi and Niño who went to our house on Papa’s last night. Again, I was very thankful. They were all tired the whole day, the fare ain’t cheap, and yet, they sacrificed it for me, for my family. They also helped us serve our visitors. 
Before they went home, Sir Santi and I had a talk. I told him that they need not do it, to let me know that they all feel me is enough. Sabi niya, a good person earns good things. They may not know papa personally, but they think I am a good person. Humagulgol ako no’n. He only had one wish (Sir Santi), that I continue to be strong, they still need me at site, daw. 
So ayon. I know how painful it is for my officemate, I pray that she gets through this. Let’s pray for her father’s eternal repose, shall we? 


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