Umaarte ng Writer’s Block

Ui, umaarte ako ng writer’s block. Gusto ko na magpost ng bago, pero hindi ko mahanap yung mood to write. Ako kasi, once I start ‘writing’, hindi ko titigilan hanggang hindi ko nasasara yung post. Pero ngayon olats eh. 

I wanna tell you about the ‘feeling privileged’ status that my family and I enjoy. 

I wanna tell you my experience of enrolling Enzo to gradeschool.

I wanna rant about this officemate na walang diskarte.

I wanna share my current work status.

I wanna share my husband’s work issues.

I wanna tell you about my husband who was down with flu for 5 days.

I wanna tell you Enzo’s amazing hirits.

I wanna tell you why May is emotionally bothering for me.

I have not told you what happened to me last March. 

Mama’s a victim of security guards again!

My 7 year old niece’s baptism!

My husband and I’s new Iphone 6s plus!!! 

My brother still didn’t make ‘it’.

ALDUB has an upcoming movie! Haha.

So ayon. Nothing major. Hopefully sipagin na. 😁


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