Be Naughty and Nice

Have you ever experienced bad service in a bery unexpected way? I bet you do! What did you do? How did you react? 

This happened pa in March, during Enzo’s graduation dinner. We were in Itallianis BGC. The female server (she ain’t a waitress eh), offered water. If you know how their water container looks like, para syang old wine bottles – long, thin neck. If you aren’t careful enough when pouring, tatalsik ang water. That’s what happened. While the female server was pouring water, naligo ako ng ice cold water! As in nagkagulatan kaming lahat – ako, si husbandry, mama, Tita Eva, Enzo and the server. Katako-takot na sorry ang narinig ko, in a split second, somebody arrived with tons of tissue and a towel. Just like in the movies! 

We were in a celebratory mood kaya chill lang. I just said it’s fine, and asked if can I have the tons of tissue they were holding. They handed it to me and offered some more. The server even had to asked me again if I sure was okay. They were expecting an outburst siguro. Pero no eh, I was seriously fine. Water lang yon. Hindi din naman mamahalin yung suot ko. It was a nice feeling to see the server sigh in relief. 

Earlier, I had my pedicure done in Nuat Nail Salon in Libis. My pedicurista was a young lady, early 20’s siguro. While she was making kuskos my nails, dumulas yung pusher nya, and tumusok sa toes ko. I was busy browsing with my phone pero I saw her face tensed. She was about to open her mouth when I told her to relax, okay lang ako. She smiled and continued with her task. 

I am thinking, had I gone mad on those occassions, ano kaya mangyayari, no? Minsan, extending our understanding our patience do wonders. It’s a super nice feeling to see other people being forgiven. Wala lang. Kayo?


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