My Candidate, Your Candidate

Ibagay natin ang post sa nalalapit na eleksyon. PNoy’s 6 years is almost done. It’s the time of our lives again wherein we get to practice one of our biggest rights – the right to suffrage.

You won’t see any biblical quotes, or anything about religion here. This post is written by a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a woman, a FILIPINO.

1. Duterte. I am tired of hearing news over and over about killings, and bad people. I want my child to be able to roam the streets without worrying that somebody might pick her up and do nasty things. I can not bear even just the thought. I am afraid of Duterte. Pano kung kamag anak ko yung mabiktima ng kamay na bakal niya, or just someone I know? No one is above the law, pero di ba?

2. Grace Poe speaks well. Period. If her husband can not vote for her, and her kids will remain as American citizens, plus the only executive stint she had was her MTRCB days, sorry, I do not trust her yet.

3. Binay. No. If only he had the balls to face all the senate hearings to prove his innocence in all the allegations thrown at him, then maybe I could’ve given him a chance. But no, he became a turtle, and he hid inside his shell.

4. Mar Roxas. I do not want an extension of the Aquino administration, no, thank you. I am still bitter and sour graping of what happened during my NORTHRAIL days. Project was halted, 6 years after, there still is no concrete plan on what to do next. Current administration is always on the ‘safe side’. I’ve had friends and officemates whom I heard accounts of the Yolanda, and the administration’s failure. I’ve read and heard the Mamasapano, and Kidapawan. Who would forget SAF 44? No, Mar. I am turned off.

5. MDS is the slayer. Academically, politically, mirally, she has it. I am an MDS fan since 1992. Mama instilled MDS in me, she voted her vs Ramos. I watch and listen to her speeches. I clapped and cheered during SC Corona’s hearing. I read her book. She’s witty. We deserve a president like her. But her health. I pray for her health. The country still needs her. She can be one of the cabinet secretaries. Or a consultant. Or baka pwedeng dummy president.



I am still torn. 13 days na lang. Marami pang pwedeng mangyari. Let’s see.


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