“Mommy, that far?” 

The whole idea of sending Enzo to St. Paul Pasig is scrapped. It’s not the fees or the expenses. We arrived home after her interview at around 5-530ish. Since she still had school then, we only had dinner then she has to sleep na. While putting her to sleep, I asked her if she’s excited to go to big school. She said yes. I also asked her if what else is she feeling. She asked me this –

“Mommy, my school’s going to be that far? Hapon na ako makakauwi tapos rest a little, eat, homework, then sleep. I won’t have time to play na!”

Nu’ng Pre-School kasi siya, 7AM ang pasok, then she’ll be home at around 10:30AM. She still have a lot of time to study, rest and play, kahit na she has to sleep early. Balanced talaga.

Napaisip din ako sa tanong niya. We live in Pateros. In a normal travel time, minus the heavy traffic in C5 which very seldom happens, it’ll take her 45 minutes to an hour. If her class will start at 7, she has to wake up at 4:30AM, and be in the road before 6AM! Let’s say her dismissal is 2PM, she’ll be home na by 4PM max. She has to study pa, and she has to be asleep by 7PM! Para na syang nag-office! Kawawa.

I had to take her question into a deep consideration. I discussed this with my husband and he agreed with me. Wag daw namin nakawan ng youth si Enzo.

I had to ask several officemates na Pasig residents na parents na din for a recommendation. I once thought of Sacred Heart Pasig, kasi batang Sacre ako. They all agreed na PCC would be the best option. Husband’s two aunts na teachers din explained na no matter how prestigious the school is, if the student ain’t diligent enough, it will not matter. Besides, PCC is PAASCU accredited, AND, my sister and brother-in-law, and my husband were all an alumni. Yun naman pala, you say?

Ganito, when I got pregnant, I swore to myself that I’ll send her to SPC-P kasi the female kid of my boss that time is there. Lagi nyang kinukwento how great the school is. Tapos nu’ng gradeschool pako, I had several friends met in MADICSA and BULPRISA from St. Paul San Rafael, Baliuag, San Miguel, Bocaue, and they are all damn good! Binantayan ko din ang performance ng SPC-P sa Ateneo Entrance Exam, and nag-e-excel sila. Kaya nabuild na sa isip ko na magkakaroon ako ng anak na Paulinian.

But things change. For now, sa maalpit na school muna si Enzo. When she’s older, who knows, matupad din ang dream ko na magkaroon ng Paulinian.

Sabi ko nga sa graduation speech nila Enzo, two steps behind lang kami lagi. 😊


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