Status: It’s Complicated

May pinagdadaanan ako.

It’s kinda serious, that I can not tell you yet. I am not in denial, it’s just that I can not believe that I’ll be in this situation. Fine. I’m kinda in denial. 

I am strong. My personality’s strong. With every issues that I encounter, I know I can handle easily. I have my own share of meltdowns. I cope in my own ways. 

I took and passed the board exam twice. I ended a 6 year long relationship. I was a battered girlfriend. I lost my father. I was laid off from a job I loved. I’ve been to hell and back. 

I ain’t a religious Catholic but I have my faith. I pray. I seek help. I say my thank you. I attribute all my blessings to God.

I know I can get through this. This too, shall pass. I have to put myself back together, dust myself and raise my head.

This is my fight. I chose this battle. 

I have my husband and my daughter. My family is with me. My friends are supportive. I am loved. I am blessed. 


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