Late Holy Week Kwento


I am blogging from my mama’s terrace in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. We went home last Good Friday. Pa-segue lang, it’s my husband’s first Maundy Thursday at home! Yuhoo! We took advantage of it and we three stayed home, turned the ACU on and hibernated inside the bedroom! 


Since we weren’t in a hurry to go home, we left Pateros at noon time. We arrived SJDM at a quarter before one. Ang saya sa kalsada! Very light traffic! Ang luwag ng C5 and Commonwealth! Yieeee! 

Tita Eva was supposedly going to Sorsogon for a vacay. Since it’s her first in 6 years of stay with us, I eagerly said yes. Plans were made. We’ll bring Enzo to Bulacan and let her stay there for 10 days. 

Come Good Wednesday, SEPANX hit us hard. Haha. Ang dami kong what ifs kapag iniwan ko si Enzo kay mama. Pero eto na nagkasubuan na, baka magwarla ang ina kapag hindi namin tinuloy. 

So ayon. I’ll go home after Easter Sunday tapos balik on weekend, that if Enzo wants to go home na. She’s having the time of her life with her cousins and being a spoiled princess eh! Heinaku.


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