The Parents’Speech

Yehey! SY 2015-2016 is done! My daughter ended her SY with a bang! First Honors lang naman siya 😎😎😎 The parents of the first honors were asked to prepare a speech forbthe graduates and parents. So here. 
I did this for 20 minutes only! Pwera biro. I did it sa phone ko lang. Parang everything that I feel and think connived and fell into place. Ang saya! Sabi ko nga sa husband ko, I already saw this scene coming, eh. Hahaha. 
So, pasensya na sa lapses. πŸ™‚ 

When Zonia first set her foot at the grounds of LRC, she was only two years and four months old. Many have raised their eyebrows and we’ve heard all sorts of unsolicited pieces of advice. 

We ignored them. We did not bother. We only had two things that until now, we hold firmly into – first is our love for Zonia, and second, the trust for the teachers. 

We trusted the institution, we trusted the teachers. On her first day of class, my heart was shattered into many million pieces when Zonia let go of my hand and went with Teacher Ida inside the classroom. But imagine our joy when she went home that day singing Bahay Kubo. At a tender age of 3, she’s able to count from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1. She flawlessly knows when to use a from an. At 4 years old, the phases of matter no longer matter. How many 5 year olds can recite the digestion and respiration process? Only our kids can!

Trusting the institution helped our daughter to transform from a very shy cocoon, to a beautiful, social butterfly. Our daughter’s stay here in LRC developed a very good foundation for her future, for her education. 

We are sure that all of you here share the same exact feelings we have – the pride, the joy, the excitement, the euphoria. 

We are also sure that you all will agree when we say that these won’t happen without the help of everyone surrounding our kids. 

With these, we’d like to thank the teachers for their impeccable patience. Your relationship with our kids ain’t perfect, but you made it all so easy for us. 

Thank you to these kids, our kids, for giving us the reasons to keep moving forward. Thank you kids for keeping your mom and dad grounded. Thank you kids for the wonderful roller coaster ride of your entire pre-school years! Thank you kids, for continuously showing us that everything is all so worth it. Be a Nurse like me or an Engineer like him, be whatever you want to be, but do not forget to be happy.

Thank you to all the caretakers of our kids. We are blessed with our Tita Eva, whom our daughter calls Mama. They see them more often than we do. Thank you for treating our kids just like your own. Thank you for filling in the gaps of our shortcomings. Thank you.

To our co-parents, congratulations! One schoolyear has passed, and there’s a lot more to go. We all have our own dreams and aspirations for our children, but please always bear in mind that these children’s happiness and success will and should always be our priority. 

Lastly, as Zonia’s parents, we will keep standing two steps behind her – close enough to catch her when she fall and far enough to watch her shine on her own.

Again, thank you, congratulations and good afternoon.


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