My Future Fear

I finally finished submitting my daughter’s pre-entrance test requirements yesterday.
She’s set to take the exam on the 10th.
I know she can easily nail it. First honors kaya yon ng third grading! 😀
I know she’ll get by the interview.
I know we can afford the tuition fee. Ehem.
I know I can manage my time better by June.
If there’s one more thing that bothers me, which I honestly tell my husband, is the fear for my daughter to be bullied.
Big school na yon eh.
She’ll be exposed na to more kids, more varieties of kids.
Mas malayo na din ang big school niya sa bahay, I can not easily run to her, just in case.
I can not request the teacher to keep an eye to my daughter, they probably be around 35 – 40 little girls inside their class na.
Especially Zonia’s very behaved in school.
She doesn’t fight back.
Remember an old post, about classmate L who bullied her?
Mga ganung levels ang kinatatakutan ko.
Paano kapag worse?
Susko po.
I, myself is a victim of bullying.
I did not tell mama of the incidents, I just moved on.
But it traumatized me.
Siguro I just wasn’t aware that it was already bullying.
Paano kapag si Enzo na?
Eh exclusive school yung plan naming for her!
Oh my golly, MEAN GIRLS!
Baka maisabuhay ko talaga yung promise ko that if they hurt my daughter, I can make their death look like an accident.
Hahaha. Harsh, I know.


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