Will Retract. Retract. Retracted.

It’s been a while. Andaming ganap. I’ll start with my work na lang muna.




I blogged about several hellish feeling posts last year that lead to my decision to resign last November 14, effective December 31. My boss accepted it. It was almost year end when she asked me to extend until January 15 because I don’t have a replacement yet. I happily obliged.


Our Recruitment was able to source for my replacement naman. I had the chance to interview her, and it was weird. She’s second na, actually, the first applicant, never mind. I don’t like her. The second one was fine. She does most of what I do with her previous work. Pero alam mo yung feeling na, mas magaling ka pa din? Yes I am that conceited. I tried to retract my resignation pa nga, and extend until May, just before Enzo enters grade 1, with the reservations na maiiwan ko lang ulit yung work, eh eto na nga, may kapalit na.! Haha. But I was also thinking, kaya ba niya? Paano ko i-tu-turn over yung mga ninja moves at diskarteng natutunan ko through the years? Magaling kaya lumusot to? Mga ganun. But heck, I’ve made my decision, I gotta live with it, and I should be excited! I was also worried na baka isipin ng mga tao, ang arte ko, paimportante, urong sulong. Mga ganun.


On the night of February 11, an Operations Manager talked to me asking to retract my resignation. That OM is both a friend to me and my boss. Apparently, my boss was having hesistations of letting me go due to our current department’s situation. It was very good to know that she finds my value that much. Nakaka-taba ng puso. Pero dahil ayoko mag-assume, I told the OM that I still want my boss to talk to me, di ba. Fine, I need her to talk to me, para hindi ako mangapa. Ayon



February 15 was supposedly my last day at work. I already had a countdown in FB (yeah, me and my big mouth). I was starting to get mad. My notes were ready to be distributed. I already took home some stuff. On February 12, my Senior Manager sat me and my replacement down and discussed current HR issues and concerns. You see, 2 of the other HR members also left for a better opportunity outside of the company, leaving my boss and I as the only ‘seniors’. During our talk, she enumerated 6 pages of pending issues. I was thankful that I was able to answer her all (kasi chismosa nga ako).


Tapos my boss held my right wrist, and said, “Karen, I am so lost. Maloloka na ako.”

I smiled.

I was tensed kasi my replacement was seated just in front of me.

I just said, “Kaya mo yan Ma’am. Kaw pa ba?”

Boss: “Your answer leads me to my next question.”

I braced myself.

I was hoping she’ll talk to me (oo na! nag assume na ako agad) in private, as in one on one.

“Karen, can you extend (your stay)?”


Kung gumagana yung kagaguhan ko that time, I would’ve said NO, HINDI PO, AYOKO NA.

Pero dahil pabibo ako, I said, “Sure. I’ll stay until HRD is stable again. I’ll finish my turn over to her (my replacement), and take over Ai’s duties (ER and LR).”

It was agreed.

We laid out our plans.

I’ll stay until May 30, just in time before Enzo enters grade school.


Sa haba ng kwento ko, I forgot to do something really, really important.

I forgot to inform my husband of my decision.

Shet di ba?

Major bluffer.


I called him naman agad, after my boss and I talked.

Since very understanding naman ang husband, he just said okay, bahala daw ako.

But the coldness in his voice? Grabe, it sent chills down my spine, tapos umakyat, tapos bumalik ulit pababa.


It took me 3, yes three long days para makumbinsi sya na okay lang lahat. Tsk tsk.


So ayon.

Andaming ganap. :p


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