I Know Her So Well

I know my daughter so well. I know when she’s lying, or telling the truth. I know when she’s genuinely happy or sad. I know when she’s trying to insinuate something through her words or deeds. I know when she’s sleepy. I know her so well.

But not until last week.

I was filling out the application form for her big school enrollment when I came across this question: WHAT TRAIT OF YOUR CHILD IS THE MOST DIFFICULT TO DEAL WITH? 

I swear it took me time to digest that I am answering that question for a gradeschooler. The ending? I didn’t answer it. Hahaha. I told my officemates this – “I-enroll ko nga anak ko sa kanila eh, syempre best foot forward. Bakit ko naman sasabihin kasiraan niya?!” Hahaha! 

After skipping the question, I thought I was done. The last part was more difficult. There was a list of adjectives and I have to choose what describes her. Lekat talaga!

So all along, akala ko kilalang-kilala ko na ang anak ko. But no, Enzo and I’s relationship will be a work in progress, forever, as long as I live. 


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