My husband is a Civil Engineer. He works with one of the biggest construction firms in the country as a Senior Project Manager. I can say that he’s paid well, and compensated accordingly. But it’s not all glitz and glamour. Unlike in the movies, he doesn’t wear longsleeves and slacks and stay in the office the whole time. 
He visits the constructions sites 98% of the time. The remaining 2% are for his meetings – excoms, mancoms and the like. He usually holds meetings in the site so he can discuss issues with his contractors or subcontractors directly. He’s very dedicated. The owner of the company (whom he reports directly to) thinks that he is an overpaid project engineer because he still do what a P.E. does. He’s always on top of his projects. He makes sure he knows how to do a job before he asks his engineers to do it. There are delays but he’s still the best, if not one the best. 
That makes me really proud of him. Gone are the days that I get mad and tampo if he goes home late, or not go home at all. He takes calls at the wee hours of the night, responds to emails and SMS and rush to sites, if he’s needed. I understand and accept that fully, now. 
My only dilemma now is his safety. My former boss, Tatay Jun once told me that working in a construction industry is far worse than being in the army. Accidents and incidents may happen in a blink of an eye, in a split second. 
When I moved to Northrail, he stayed with MDC. Twas the time I got pregnant. I was forbidden by Niño to go on site. But I was hard headed. I always reason out that mine was horizontal construction, safer than the vertical he currently does, then. It didn’t help that he moved to a non-engineering related company, on my fourth month of pregnancy. He was so praning. 
Going back, everytime I hear news related to construction accidents, I feel my heart leap out of my chest. There’s always the need for me to find out the details. Selfish as it sounds, but it will be a hard slap on my face if ever he got involve in such an incident. Why? I am a BOSH graduate. I have all the seminars and trainings I need in relation to EHS or HSW or QHESS. I had the best bosses and mentors. I can’t count the number of manuals I have at home. Kapag nagkataon, ibabalik ko lahat ng certificates ko talaga. 
The work pressure I know he can handle well. The unforeseen incidents, I’m not sure. When I saw his company issued safety shoes, I was relieved. But I still insisted that we buy a pair of DMs. He refused to use an 8k worth of shoes na matatapunan lang ng concrete or sand or dust. My pouting skills helped. Hehe 🙂 
We invested on quality pairs of pants. Mahirap ang puchu-puchung maong. We make sure na kahit sumabit yung pants niya, it won’t be torn and pierce through his skin easily. He now wears pastel to light colored polo shirts (compared to red and black only during his binata days). Pastels make him more visible at night. 
I also insisted that he ask for his own hardhat / skull guard from the office. I can’t afford the thought of him borrowing a visitor’s hat for every project he visits. His company now implements it – 1 employee, 1 hardhat. Aside from sanitary concerns, atleast he can monitor the quality and wear and tear status of his PPE. 
Why am I writing about this? My mama heard a news about an accident last night. We actually saw it too. We already expected her call. She was so worried. My youngest brother, who is a CE graduate already explained to her what probably happened and that Niño is abswelto with all the scenarios he presented. 
Mama is not pacified, and I can’t blame her. I feel her. Hehe. 
I’ll end this post with this: 


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