Stain is one of us, ladies’ enemies. Mind you, this comes regularly, on a monthly basis. It is no secret that I have been hoping to not to see this enemy for the past 2.5 years.

Last January 4, was my first official work day for the year. My daughter went back to school, too. I was also expecting my first ‘stain’ for 2016. I was secretly hoping for a clear day, though. At 5:30AM, I was so happy that there was no sign of this enemy.

I tried recalling the previous days, well technically, the previous year, I had three migraine attacks last December, no lower back pain, no cravings or whatsoever. I did not PMS.

I should stock on PTs, said my self.

My first work week came and went.

January 11.

My morning was still clear.

I was holding back my celebratory mood.

It was around 11AM when I felt something weird, and the urge to pee.

Imagine how my celebratory mood was destroyed completely.

I again needed to held back my emotion.

I can not cry and scream and shout.

I do not want to see my OBGyne or any OBGyne again.

I hate this stain.


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