Late Post: 121215

When December came in and I started seeing parties in my FB wall, I was puzzled. Akala ko kasi matagal pa ang Christmas. I was still high with our Pico trip (which BTW I have not finished blogging yet), then Tita Eva’s son was hospitalized for 10 days, my ovarian cysts celebrated their first anniversary, I broke a tooth, mama got hospitalized, Niño’s work is driving him crazy, my brother’s ‘unfortunate’ luck, ang dami! 
Good thing we’re 95% done with our gift shopping, but everything’s still unwrapped. They are all in their respective shopping bags! This is a first for me, I swear. I always find gift wrapping a good stress reliever. This time, even my stress reliever stresses me out. Sigh. 
Few weeks back, we already decided that we aren’t cooking on the 24th. Order na lang. Last week, my brother announced that they’ll be celebrating the holidays sa amin. Wala pa akong Christmas menu! 
House looks like a mess. Clutters are everywhere. Kahit sa mag-ama ko, wala pa akong regalo! Nyemas di ba? 
I want the year to end peacefully sana. Unlike last year, which ended with my VP and I pulling some strings so a bank will open on the 31st of December just for our TPM employees who have not received their 13th month pay yet. Ayoko na sana ng ganun. 
Yikes. Kaya ko to.


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