Maja Blanca Ala Moi


Maja Blanca is a Filipino desert made of very common ingredients. 
As time goes by, Pinoys have incorporated some more ingredients to make it yummier and better. 

Since my corn in a can has been sitting in our pantry for more than 2 months, I decided to give MB a try. 
Husband wanted Ginataang Mais, but my daughter wanted a cake. I told Enzo that I’ll make her a cheesy corn cake. Quits pa din sila ni husband, may gata, may corn! 👍🏻


3 cups coconut milk

2 cups coconut cream

2 cups fresh milk

1 cup sugar

1 cup condensed milk

4 tablespoons corn starch

Ear corns




1. Heat 1.5 cups of coconut milk and 1 cup coconut cream (low heat).

2. Bring to a slow boil.

3. Add condensed milk, mix thoroughly.

4. Bring to a slow boil. 

5. While waiting, mix cornstarch, fresh milk and half a cup of sugar in a separate bowl, mix thoroughly.

6. Add the remaining coconut mill, coconut cream and sugar

7. Pour in the corn on the heated mixture. 

8. Stir until thoroughly covered.

9. Pour in the cornstarch mixture. 

10. Add 2-3 drops of vanilla.

11. Stir continuously until desired thickness is reached.

12. Pour mixture in a molding container.

13. Top with cheese.

14. Let cool.


This is just my version. You may opt to have toasted niyog or sesame seeds as topping.Enjoy!


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