THIS Person and History

Once in our lives, we all meet a person who isn’t meant to stay.
This person comes into our lives unexpected, unannounced.
This person makes our lives a little happier, a little more exciting.
This person gives all the reason to look forward to the next day.
This person uplifts our reason for living.
A little smile here, a lot of laughter there.
Memories are created.
Ideas are formed.
Time is spent.
Emotions are invested.
Then it’ll be gone.
Along with the wind.
We’ll go back to the start, to the very beginning.
This person will take away a part of us.
Sometimes, with no warning.
Most of the times, we choose to ignore the signs.
Then we’ll be sad.
We will be shattered.
We will be broken.
We will be incomplete.
In the midst of all the hellish feeling…



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