Pasta Negra in an Instant :p


Dahil pinaninindigan kong tanga ako sa pagluluto ng red sauce sa pasta, here comes a ‘new’ creation, from yours truly. It’s pasta negra because we’ll be using squid. Instant / shortcut kasi I used the one in can. Hapon ko na narealize na gusto ko neto, eh wala na sa palengke. So nagpaka creative na lang ako. 😀 

1 Small can of sweet and spicy squid in can, preserve sauce

250g penne pasta, cooked according to package instructions

Chilli powder / chili flakes

Lotsa garlic

Lotsa onion

A cube of milking cow cheese

Salt and pepper 

1. Heat oil and butter

2. Saute onion and garlic

3. Mix milking cow cheese

4. Add squid and chilli powder / flakes

5. Do not overstir

6. Toss in pasta

7. Top with cheese

8. Serve

9. Enjoy
Easy peasy! Haha.


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