Teaching my Five Year-Old the value of Money

While having our dinner last night, husband saw the coins on our dining table. Sabi ko change yun sa iniwan kong pambili ng vegetable ni Enzo. Ask Enzo daw to put those daw sa piggy bank nya. Then we discussed how amazing she is, kasi at 5 years old, she’s not the PENGE PISO or PENGE BARYA kind of kid. She doesn’t even know how to hold coins and bills properly, dirty para sa kanya. Everytime I ask her to ‘fix’ coins before putting it in her piggy bank, she arranges them in a stack, per color.


It’s not that we don’t want her to be exposed sa money or sa value ng money. Actually, when she wants something, I tell her the price and explains what else can be bought from that amount, after hearing her reasons why she wants that. Laging ganun.


I think it was 2 months ago, when she saw a Hello Kitty toothbrush and toothbrush case in Mercury Drug worth Php99.75. Naknampucha! Mas mahal pa sa Oral-B namin ng daddy nya. I already convinced her to stick to her Oral-B when a kid approached her and said, “Ay, hindi binili para sayo?” Nagpanting ang tenga ko eh! Ayon. I told Enzo to go get the item on a premise that she’ll pay me back. She doesn’t have money daw. I told her that I’ll explain what kind of payment is what I’m expecting. Ni ayaw hawakan ni bagets yung toothbrush on our way home eh. Hehe.


Pagdating sa bahay, I did not talk yet. I took out some of her colored papers and ask her to write 1-99 vertically. When she was done, I told her that I’ll put a check mark right after the number everytime she fixes her toys by herself, that’ll be her payment. Matalinong bata, she asked if what will happen if she failed to pay. I told her no more malling and eating out because we already spent Php99.75 for a toothbrush. Agreed.


She’s able to pay in less than a week, I tell you. She was happy everytime na magkakaroon ng check yung numbers. Binibilinan pa nya yung yaya niya to inform me na nag-fix siya ng toys. Galing!


So yun.


This morning, on our way to school, she told me about Patrick and Mr. Crab’s episode in Spongebob yesterday. Patrick was in Mr. Crab’s restaurant and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate until he was sooooooooooo full. When it was time for him to pay, he got no money pala.


I asked her what did Patrick do, sabi ni Enzo, he got worried daw. Mr. Crab asked Patrick to clean the entire restaurant instead.


I asked her if what did she learn from that episode. Sabi nya, no buying if you have no money. I even asked her an equation: if she wants a 10 peso toy, and she only has 5 peso, what will she do? I was expecting a pilosopo answer e.g., ask money from mommy / daddy / lolo. But no, she has to work daw muna. Like the one she did for her HELLO KITTY TOOTHBRUSH!


I couldn’t be any prouder, earlier. The value on money that we try to inculcate is being absorbed! Also, she’s not the MOMMY BUY ME THIS OR CAN I BUY OR I WANT THIS kind of child, eh. Ang line nya lagi, “Mommy, sa next birthday ko or sa Christmas can I have ___________ as a gift?” Ganun. Enjoy na sya mag-window shop ng mga toys. She knows na expensive ang toys umabot sa 3 figures after ng Peso sign. Ganun.

Last Christmas naman, nu’ng napuno na niya yung piggybank niya, we used it to buy whatever she wanted. Shoes ang pinili. Atleast, we are able to give her reasons to save up, di ba. Ayun. 😀


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