Not So Hoarding

 We only do our grocery shopping every after week. When we do it, we make sure to stock up on a payday cut-off’s worth or 10-14 days or two weeks.

Through that way, we don’t only save time, effort, but budget, too. It lessens our worries, too. It keeps our mind at peace to know that Enzo has something to eat anytime she feels hungry, or Tita Eva has a wider options of what to cook because our fridge is full.

Hoarding? I don’t think so. Last July, see what happened here. It helped that we’ve pile of stocks around the house. We need not worry about stuff going out of stock. As long as it’s non-perishable, go sa pag stock.

 As for the food, yung canned goods are labeled on top. Iba din yung lalagyan ng mga unang dapat ubusin. We strictly practice FIFO – FIRST IN, FIRST OUT.
If there’s a con to this, yun yung may gusto kang i-try na bagong item pero dahil may stock ka pa, you can’t buy yet. Hehe.

Isa pa pala, last Habagat, kaka-grocery lang namin tapos nag brownout! Eh puno ang fridge, adobo lahat ng meat! Paksiw lahat ng fish! Hehe. Bilang adobo lover ako, at paksiw lover si Enzo ko, na-survive namin yung three days na ganun! 😝
Eh kayo, do you also ‘hoard’?


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