My Childhood Bestfriend’s Leaving Me Soon

My childhood bestfriend May Ann is leaving me, us, soon. She’s flying to New Zealand to study. Boy, I think she even got a scholarship.

I couldn’t even be prouder. When we were younger, we were exact opposites. I was so into school and extra curricular activities, she was into enjoying life to the fullest. She experienced cutting classes, forging her parents’ signature, having a ‘legal’ boyfriend. Haha.

Sabi nga niya, masyado kong kinareer ang pagtambay sa stage paghakot ng medal, pero sya nawili sa pagtambay sa principal’s office. Hahaha.

Fast forward to where we are today, we are both succesful and happy and proud. She’s into Information Technology, web lay outs and web designing. She’s still single, but with a long time fiancé.
Imagine my surprise when she posted this as her FB status:

Matagal na nyang plan yan eh. I am sad in a way na hindi ko na sya agad makikita kapag free kami. Madalang na nga kami magkita eh.

Pero I know, I shouldn’t be selfish. She’s got a life outside of our friendship. If there’s

omeone who should be happy and proud, ako dapat yun.
Sa layo ng pupuntahan nya, magiging malungkot sya dun, and I can’t afford to be weak, kasi I know she’ll depend on me on that aspect. Kaya yun.
Pa-segue: While writing this, tumutugtog ang Don’t Walk Away ng Moffats sa background ko. Hahaha. Emote pa more!
So ayon, bru, wherever your heart brings you, dito lang ako. Hindi pa din kita babatiin ng Happy Birthday. Cheers to xxx Years of Friendship pa din.
Love you, bru! Ma-mi-miss kita.


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