Written: October 4, 2015

We went to Makati Medical Center last Tuesday for Enzo’s follow up check up with her Surgeon, Dr. Michael Padlan.

We arrived at around 2PMish. May emergency OR daw si doc, so we waited until 4:30PM. Enzo was already growing impatient, so do I, ng kakasaway. Haha.

Malayo pa lang si Doc, I knew immediately that it was him. Malaking mama eh. Enzo felt anxious, immediately. Biglang sumiksik sa akin, and her adorable eyes showed it.

Pero magaling si Dr. Padlan. I like him. Just like our OLLH Pedia-Surgeon, Dra. Louisa Aquino, he is very charming. He knows how to elicit an answer from a patient, from a 5 year old kid. He smiles and laughs. He converse. He builds rapport.

We were told that Enzo’s wound is not showing any signs of infection, and we’ve to come back a week after, for the removal of suture.

Wala. Share ko lang. 🙂


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