2016 Plans 

My daughter’s been going to school for 4 years now. She started in SY 2012-2013 as Pre-Nursery (she was 2yrs and 4months old only), 2013-2014 Nursery, 2014-2015 Kindergarten, and now, 2015-2016 Preparatory.

We are lucky that LRC does not hold too much activities. No Nutrition month, Linggo ng Wika, UN day, amd the likes. They only have 4 school activities: Halloween, Christmas program, sportsfest and Moving Up. The sportsfest doesnot require the parents to be in school. No PTA meetings. No weird assignments / projects na magdala ng ganito, gumawa ng ganyan. The school provides for those, included sya sa miscellaneous fee. Card distribution and the above-mentioned activities usually happen during Saturdays. Walang ka-hassle hassle.

Pero we can not stay in LRC forever. That’s one nice thing about the school din. They’ve been in the industry for 25 years now, pero hindi sila nag-wish na i-expand yung scope of teaching. They focused and specialized in early childhood education. The school grounds remained where it has been – sa residential compound ng founder. Solid ang foundation, impeccable ang background ng teachers. Sulit ang bayad.

Going back, Enzo’s entering gradeschool next school year na. As early as now, I’ve already anticipated the drastic changes. We can no longer avoid extra curricular activities. Who knows, Enzo might enjoy them, pa!

I know she will be demanding a lot of my time and effort. Our time and effort. With my current work schedule, it’ll be difficult to allot extra time for her. I work from 9AM to 7:30PM Monday to Friday. I leave the house at 8AM, and arrives home at 9PM, or even later. Sarado na ang malls! Paano kapag may anik-anik ng projects? Husband has a more flexible schedule. When I say flexible, everyone will envy him. Oh well, he’s a Senior PM, perks niya yon.

So ayun. After too much contemplation, I’ve kinda finally made up my mind. One, look for a job who offers a more flexible work schedule. Two, swallow my pride and be a SAHM or WAHM.

Yes. I am planning to resign soon. It’s 70% sure now. I plan to file mid-December, effectivity is Mid-January. Why January? If I decide to look for another job, I’ll be a regularized na by June, pwede na ako magpaalam for a leave when the school year starts. Umabot na sa ganun ang plans ko.

In one of my boss and I’s informal convo, nabanggit ko na yung plans ko. She shrugged it off at first. Pero she told me na wag ako mag housewife. No offense, pero baka nanghihinayang din sya samga career goals ko.

So ayon. I still have 2.5 months to go. I’m praying for guidance. Please do the same for me.


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