© Alden’s Instagram Account. The entire ALDUB Nation has been waiting for this photo of them, together. Last September 26, 2015, it finally happened, and we all rejoiced, ALDUB fans! 😁It is no longer edited! This photo launched an astounding twent five point six million tweets!

I have already read a lot of reviews as to why the ALDUB phenomenon is fun to watch, why everyone is so hooked, how in the world can they beat twitter record after record. I’ll try my very best to be different. Hahaha. 

First and foremost, I AM A HUGE FAN. Not just of ALDUB, but the entire Eat Bulaga. I am an Eat Bulaga baby. Way before Showtime was born, I, and the rest of my family are all EB fans. Mama gets mad when we watch the rival show. Haha. She loves bossing because they both were born in April 28. Happy birthday bossing and mama, mwahmwah tsuptsup! Hehe. 

That is why I am not a fan of just ALDUB alone. I love the new concept of Kalyeserye. I love everything about Eat Bulaga. I was one of the many fans who got sad when Wowowee, Showtime and Be Careful with My Heart topped the ratings game. I watched all 3, before. But home is where the heart is. I still went back to Eat Bulaga. It’s a bad habit to break, says Martin. Haha. JoWaPao is undeniably funny, and witty. TVJ are artists in their own right. I wish Ruby is my Tita, just like Chuvaness. Pauline, Kempee, Sam YG (who I’ve been eyeing sa BNO), and the adorable Ryzza Mae. Haha. The segments are well thought of. 

While it is true that some talents are discovered in EB but got their fame from the other network, it is still Eat Bulaga who discovered them. Uhm, hello, Jericho, Toni, Lady Lee, Pauline, Gladys, Aiza, etc, etc! They know their craft, and they execute it well. 

Andaldal ko talaga, kamote. Goingback to ALDUB, let me raise some points as to why we are all going gaga, why Kalyeserye is close to my heart:

1. The Yaya

I believe the Filipinos are one of the very few nationalities who depend with a yaya, while growing up. The Americans live by themselves. I grew up with a yaya until I reached 16. A loving yaya is a gem for everyone. Yaya Dub’s character touches everyone’s heart. She tirelessly fans Lola Nidora every single time. She even went out of character trying to fan her while acting as Mommy Dub, remember? 

2. Lola Nidora

We Pinoys love our extended families. If our parents can not afford a yaya, our lolo and lolas have been there to help them out. They are our go to – kulang na allowance, hindi pinayagan ng parents, napagalitan, walang pera. Almost always, our grandparents fill the gap of what we can not get from our parents. 

3. Alden

God, Pinoys are all hopeless romatics, hence Florante at Laura, Jose Rizal and Josephine Bracken, Diego and Gabriela Silang. We all dream of a fairy tale ending. The man is gwapo, gentleman, talented. I may not know him personally, but as a mom of a 5 year old daughter, that’s the kind of man I wish she ends up with. His parents raised him well. We all can see that. I’ve been seeing him on TV before, but wasn’t given the break he needs. Look at him, he waited. He didn’t leave the station, he didn’t badmouth them. Because good things come to those who wait. 

4. Lola Tidora and Tinidora 

While Lola Nidora is the strict-as-hell lola, these two are the opposites. They balance the chemistry. They show us the other side of every lola. They are on the pong of a ping pong. They are the yang of the yin. The sour of the sweet. We all have that in the family. Yung mga willing mangunsinti. Hahaha. 

5. Duhriz

Show me a family with no antagonist, and I’ll do everything to applaud them. Lahat ng pelikula may kontrabida. We may hate her, but hello, if it wasn’t for her, Kalyeserye would be uhm, a little (again, a little boring). 

6. The lovesongs, the music, the dubsmash

There are some emotions that we can not easily express with words. That’s why there are poems, arts, and even tattoos. The songs that the behind the camera men choose always hit right where it ahould hit. The serye all gave God Gave Me You and Thinking Out Loud more meaning. Dahlin Ay and Twinkle Ay, anyone? Who wouldn’t notice that they’ve used Jadine’s Bahala Na? Naniniwala na ako sa forever, magmula ng makilala kita 🎤 

7. The valuable lessons

Growing up, I honestly hated my mother for being strict. God knows how strict she was. Now, being a mother, I understood her better. I want to instill the same values to my daughter, and my future kids. If today’s generation dominate the world wide net if they wish to learn something new, I’m willing to use that as a flatform, too. Yes, I allow my 5 y/o watch Kalyeserye. Now she understands better that wait does not mean no. 

8. The LDR

This one I have not experienced except from my late Papa’s once a month na uwi, being a provincial bus driver. I’ve friends and relatives who’ve experienced and currently experiencing it. I can not imagine the longingness, the pain of not having your lovedones immediately beside you when you’re happy, much more when you’re sad. While Alden and Yaya aren’t in an LDR (they aren’t in a relationship yet, but who knows? Yihee kilig), the splitscreen says it all. 

9. Lola Nidora’s Exes

The genuine happiness that our elders feel because they are reminded of their classic ligawan. Trust me, my late Tiya (Papa’s sister) want my ex-bf, now my husband to make sibak some kahoy because that’s how it should be daw, kasi ganun sya niligawan.

10. It’s a break from the usual slapstick and name calling comedy

No more newspaper rolling and hitting on the head. No more chair pulling so somebody falls on the floor. No more laitan para mapagtawanan. It’s a breathe of fresh air. 

Masyado ng maraming problema ang Pilipinas. I am not saying that we all should forget the current events. Sabi nga ng KitKat, take a break. Kalyeserye has paved way to add more reasons to smile during our lunch breaks. Instead of office chismisan, employees now discuss the episodes. Hahaha. Not to mention those who improved their outlook just by watching a segment. Kakatuwa. My workaholic husband (na mas busy pa sa may ari ng kumpanya) always asks me every night kung ano daw nangyari kay yaya. We watch the replay together, laugh and enjoy together, bago sya umattack sa COC. Haha. 

I’ve read somewhere that the best two words to describe our ‘addiction’ is this – SOCIAL RELEVANCE. We all can relate to what we see. Onga naman. 

More positive vibes for everyJUAN! 

Next post: Things I Wish Didn’t Happen in Kalyeserye


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