Did anyone here had a curfew, growing up? I did. 
I had a curfew until college. Haha. 

Mama was so strict during my younger years. As in Martial Law strict! Red is red, blue will never be red. 98 is not acceptable, 100 is. 

Boyfriends and crushes not allowed. TV time is timed. Periodical exam periods mean staying at home and studying all day all night. Ganung level. 

Andaldal ko kamote. Going back to curfew, my siblings and I were expected to be home by 4PM when I was in gradeschool. Hindi na kami dapat sunduin. Malilintikan kami. 

Nu’ng highschool ako, 6PM. Bago mag dasal ang matatanda dapat nasa bahay na ako. Impunto yon, or else, mahabang drama ang pagdadaanan ko bago ako makapasok tsaka sapak. Pramis! 

Nu’ng college, 9PM. Hanggang second year yan. One wrong move and I’m dead! Hahaha. 

Nu’ng nag start ako mag duty, sobrang saya ko. Akala ko, finally, freedom! But no! Hinahatid at sinusundo ako sa clinic / hospital / lying-in sa first day ng duty, lagi! Unang reason is to make sure I know the place, and second, para alam ng mga drivers (yes, drivers. My parents use to have a carpool / rent-a-car business, hence the drivers) kung saan ako susunduin. Lekat! 

Pero syempre di ako papaisa. Matanda na ako nun, feeling ko eh. Para-paraan din. Haha. 

I was only able to enjoy being free when I was already working. Papa would always remind me that as long as I am still with my parents, I have no choice but follow and abuse their rules. Noted. 

Now that I’m married, I havea self-imposed curfew of midnight. Cinderella lang ang peg. I have to respect my husband, my in laws and Tita Eva’s time kasi. I don’t want to leave an impression na inaabuso ko yung kabaitan ng asawa ko. 

I plan to impose the same to Enzo. Ang hirap ng baby girl pala talaga. Praningan! 

So ayun. Kayo, may curfew din?


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