On Scents and Nostalgia


Who doesn’t like to smell nice and attractive? When we smell good, it automatically exudes confidence, a positive aura.

Just like everyone else, some scents bring us a certain nostalgia. You know the nostalgic feeling of remembering past events or persons? Parang deja vu, or deja intiende. Ganon.

Bench Altis reminds me of my intermediate grade school days, our first few days in Bulacan, my first student government election, first provincial competition, first academic heartbreak.

Bench Eight reminds me of highschool. My first heartache, first kiss (I know, I know), first prom, first sip of alcohol, first cigarette puff, first provincial student government election.

Bench Bubblegum reminds me of my freshman and sophomore years in college. It reminds me of one super, duper, mega over stupid decision. When I’m brave enough, I’ll blog about it.

Lewis and Pearl (Blue) reminds me of my junior and senior years in college. Ang dami-daming memories! My board exam review. My first take of NLE. My first job interview. My first job offer. My first graveyard shift. My first pay!

Then mama introduced Clinique Happy Heart. Shala! But since I was already earning, I was able to afford it. CHH reminds me of my heartbreak from my almost 6 years relationship. It also reminds me of my sister’s first pregnancy. Nagsawa ako sa sweet smell nya, after 2 years, I switched.

Elizabeth Arden Tea Tree was next. It reminds me naman of my GOCC days and the first trimester of my pregnancy.
After finishing a bottle, I switched to Victoria Secret Pear Glace. I was unemployed then, kaya downgrade. Hehe.

When I joined URC BCFG Sales, I was using Bath and Body Works Juniper Breeze. It reminds me naman of the ups and downs and pros and cons and everything in between of hardcore HR works. It reminds me of my 60sqm clinic, and all the unlimited product samples and freebies and night outs and sales events.

I joined RCSI in October 2013. Since then, I never had a signature scent. I would jump from one cologne to perfume to Eau De Toilet. I would use what pleases me, based on my mood. Monday can be Switzal day. Tuesday = J&J Summer Fresh. Wednesday = VS. Thursday = Arden. Friday = Benetton Hot & Cold. Haha.

Last week, I saw Maggie Wilson’s ig post. Body Fantasies. I checked out Watsons RobGalle, and I fell inlove with the first amoy pa lang ng Melon & Cucumber.

If you would notice, green halos yung kulay ng mga gamit ko. Tea Tree, Pear Glace, Summer Fresh. Green din yung BF! Biased na biased 🙂

My closet now has VS Pear Glace and Tea Tree 🙂



Going back, BF is way cheaper. A 236ml only costs P389.00! Wala pang two pesos per ml. Amazing! It also smells clean, light and fresh! Perfect sa humid weather! It stays long on the skin, too! Receiving a nod from my husband and kiddo that BF is indeed a good catch, I might finally have a signature amoy again.


So pano, time to build new memories with this new scent? Ciao!


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