One Hundred Freaking Thousand

This is one of the most difficult kwento that I’ll ever make. I am a little hesitant to confess, but heck, it already happened.

Okay. Husband and I don’t do bank. The only money we have there is Enzo’s time deposit. We got traumatized when a certain amount was taken away  from us because it became stagnant. Inubos ng penalties and charges. Eh I was unemployed that time, ayaw na namin.

Our cash savings is tucked away somewhere. Call me mayababg, I don’t care. Hindi nakaw ang pera namin. With every 100k, I tie it in a bundle, place in an envelope, tape some more tapos labelled tapos ziplock.

Eh ako si tapon. Tapon ng paid bills, receipts, scratch, etc. Last payday, ganun ginawa ko. Tapos normal life lang.

Fast forward to last Saturday, our 6 year old washing machine was meaning to give up on us. Plan na namin palitan. We agreed to do it on Sunday, after Peewee’s office. Since it is an unexpected expense, I’ve to check and balance our cash.

Para akong nakakita ng na-murder na tao nung nakita kong kulang yung mga ziplocks ng isa! I shouted, then cried, jumped all over the house, cursed, then cried some more.

I was alone with Enzo, and she got scared of me that she started crying, too. What’s wrong daw. I knew I’ve to calm down. I double checked my zips, and I couldn’t find the last I’ve tucked.

There was no forced opening, keys are intact to my secret place.

Then I realized I threw it away together with all I thought were kalat.
Yes, I THREW ONE HUNDRED FREAKING THOUSAND PESOS! This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever done!

Kapag nakulangan nga ng piso yung pamasahe hassle na di ba? Yung isandaang libong piso pa?

It was hopeless to find the envelope. Nearly impossible, too.

I did not inform my husband immediately of what happened. That deserves another nerve wracking kwento.

Now call me tanga, stupid, careless. I would accept it. I just hope that the envelope benefits whoever finds it.

Finders keepers, loosers weepers.


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