For the First Time in 22 Months

Karen Bacdayan was known to be a very irate agent during her eTel days. Pabwelo pa lang ng taas ng boses yung customer, nauna na siya. She’s known to be very hot-tempered. Although she’s able to use it to her advantage sometimes, she knew it still wasn’t right. As in. She has received several warnings, too. The American customers thought I was rude.

That’s how I can describe me in the past. That was 9 years ago.

As time goes by, I can tell that I slowly changed. It was a very gradual process. I took my time. Motherhood helped me overcome it. I was ready to claim it as a cured illness.

As with my current job, I can not remember a single complaint of the same nature, and I am proud. I’ve controlled melt downs (if there’s such thing), but very, very little. My husband can attest to that.

So imagine my surprise, when my Senior Manager called my attention because somebody filed a formal complaint against me, for dropping her call!

We were discussing something over the phone, when I finally said “Sige tawagan ko si payroll” and she replied with “Sige po ma’am.” . End of conversation. Apparently, she wanted to talk more, I no longer wanted to listen.

This wasn’t the first time that we clashed. Marami-raming beses na.

My boss, as usual, was very level headed. Fine. My fault. Nakalimutan kong kapag ako ang tinawagan, ako ang huling magbababa ng telepono.

Hay. nadungisan tuloy ang 22 months flawless record ko. Now, back to zero. Why am I even cranky, BTW?


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